Female aerobics athletes shocked the United States with an entry score of absolute score

Recently in the American PAC 12, an American female athlete has set a new record for winning the championship with an absolute score.

Katelyn Ohasi, 21 years old, gymnastics athlete is the name mentioned by the online community during the past few days by a brilliant performance in the finale of the US PAC. 12 just happened. On the night of the contest, Katelyn performed her contest based on two famous songs of the King of 
Pop Michael Jackson,”Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal”.


Her performance not only shows the virtuosity of aerobics but also incorporates the divine moon walk on the test. It was this that caused the whole audience to burst in on Katelyn’s performance. Thanks to the excellent competition and the heat from the stands, Katelyn helped his UCLA team win the championship with 3 points from the jury.


Soon after Katelyn’s last night’s performance was posted on social networking sites, it attracted great attention from netizens. Katelyn’s dance video has garnered more than 100 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. Everyone felt impressed by the outstanding performance of the 21-year-old female athlete. In addition, the encouragement and enthusiastic support from Katelyn’s teammates also made netizens admire. Many people believe that the team spirit has helped her perform so well.

Reportedly, Katelyn has been practicing aerobics since he was 3 years old and this is her passion. Before attending this tournament, this 21-year-old girl had undergone back surgery, so having such an outstanding performance was admirable.


Sharing with the press about the return this time, Katelyn said: “While I was injured and had to stay away from aerobics I understood one thing, the peak would not be forever. When you are at the peak for too long you will feel that life has only two black and white colors while it is very colorful”.