Look at the hot sports athletes of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Not only talented and energetic, well-known female athletes in the world also attracted the attention of the public by equally attractive charm as the entertainment stars.

Anastasia Ashley USA – Hot female athlete

Anastasia was born for water. Two years she knew how to swim, and started surfing at 6 years old. Anastasia has achieved many outstanding achievements when attending more than 200 major surfing events. And it would come as no surprise if she had an additional medal in Rio to complement her admirable list. Most surfers are beautiful characters, Ashley is no exception. At the age of U30, this 1.73m-tall female athlete is always a character who is on the list of hot beauty who are sought and loved all over the world.

Anastasia Ashley

Allison Stokke USA – The expensive female sports model

Allison is a beautiful American skater. She is a sexy icon in the sports village. Sensual but extremely healthy and toned, plus Allison’s lovely face, the most dynamic movement attracted the attention of many camera lenses. Allison was perfect in every moment, even when it was the most painful time on the field. She is also known as a professional sports photo model.Allison broke the national record while at school. There are reports that the Rio 2016 Olympics will be her final Olympics. Allison Stokke has just received a master’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Tons of honor can be a turning point that opens a new career path for female athletes.

Allison Stokke

Yusra Mardini Syria – Impossible refugee athlete

Yusra Mardini is only 18 years old, she is a swimmer from Syria and will represent her country to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Although she is a refugee athlete in Germany.And that is part of the reason her name created special attention in the world.Mardini and her sister jumped out of a sunken boat and were pulled ashore in Lesbos, Greece. Together with her mother, she ran to Lebanon and then Turkey before settling in Germany. She competed for Syria in 2012. Speaking to The Guardian, Mardini stressed, “I want to make the refugees proud of me. Because it shows that, even when we face a difficult journey, they can still reach something”.

Yusra Mardini Syria