American model admits a love story with Neymar

Neymar was voted the best player in the PSG match against Atalanta in the quarterfinals. However, attention seems to be focused on the ‘nostalgic’ beauty of Natalia Barulich, the player’s new girlfriend.

Natalia Barulich confirmed the love story with PSG striker with a photo of the two on social media with the message: “Don’t make life become serious”.

According to La Nacion, the emotional relationship between supermodel Natalia Barulich and Neymar caused a stir in the entertainment world, because PSG striker is said to “steal the upper hand” of his best friend Maluma. The controversy between the 3 people gradually “fell” when a 28-year-old beauty shared it on her personal page.

Barulich confirmed the love story with PSG striker with a photo on his personal page, where nearly 3.5 million followers. “Do not make life serious,” Barulich shared a hidden message with a photo taken with Neymar.

According to Infobae, this is the first photo of Barulich sitting in a chair with Neymar smiling in front of the camera. Both of them are in Paris, France. South American media stated that the status line of the 28-year-old beauty has cleared all doubts related to dating rumors and confirmed the relationship between the two.

During the exhibition by designer Christian Louboutin, Barulich shared various stories related to a photo taken with Neymar.

In August, when the PSG players celebrated their win of the Champions League final, Neymar and a few teammates sang Hawaiian songs. The song is about Maluma’s feelings for Barulich. This caused the male singer to temporarily close his personal page one day, although denied later.

Striker PSG and Barulich have known each other for many years. Maluma, Barulich’s ex-boyfriend, is a male singer and has performed at Neymar’s birthday parties. Barulich and Maluma split up last year. After that, the 28-year-old beauty rumored to date Neymar when he often appeared in the cover photo sessions of the beauty and fashion magazine.