What is athletics? Origin and history of athletics (Part 1)

The history of developing track and field since ancient times to survive today has undergone many efforts. Where does track and field come from and develop?

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What is athletics?

Athletics world is a combination of many sports such as walking, running distance, high jump, long jump, disc throwing, weightlifting, … different coordination. This is a sport that requires less equipment and simplicity. That’s why athletics has become the most competitive sport in the world.

Athletics is a collection of sports such as walking, running distances,…

The development of athletics has been through the years, generations

Athletics is an individual sport, with the exception of relay racing as well as competitions involving athletes. The importance of athletics is the natural movements, the comprehensive development effect from fitness to health promotion.

So athletics is considered an important sport participating in physical education competitions to improve human health. In addition to athletics competitions at the Olympics, there are many other athletics tournaments in the world.

The term athletics used to this day has its roots in ancient Chinese, when translated into English as Track (and) and Field (filled). When combining these two words, which can be clearly understood in terms of the diameter of the circle, the inner runner is the center of the circle. 

History of world athletics

When people in the world know about the concepts of running, sports shoes, racing tracks, clock hours, etc., people mainly run for the purpose of running and survival. Until later on, the concept of athletics was based on the origin of the above purpose.

The history of athletics in the world is well documented

Also, until the moment an interesting story about the race between the little antelope wakes up with the thought of running faster than the big lion in the jungle of Africa. We humans and our ancestors also have to run to hunt, to maintain our survival. The only measure at this point is the unlimited runner to catch the prey.

5 great American movies about athletics inspired by real stories

There are runners, there are amateurs and there are also runners to forget the sadness in life. Whoever they are, during training and competition, they push their bodies, hearts and spirits through countless external and internal obstacles.

Without Limits

The movie “Without Limits” was filmed under the direction of director Robert Towne. The film premiered in 1998. The film is a true story built from the tragic life of Steve Prefontaine (played by Billy Crudup), an American athlete. participated in the Munich Olympics in 1972. The life of this stubborn but passionate athlete ended when he was only 24 years old and was about to reach the peak of his career by a tragic car accident. dire. Although life and career path is very short, the story of Steve Prefontaine has become a phenomenon that attracts and inspires generations of athletes as well as fans for decades.


Spirit of the Marathon

Film tells about marathon runners. The motivation to run is different for each person (the person running for the prize, the person running for shirt, the person running to forget the unfortunate marriage, …). Their training process is completely different, even the running time is different, some people cross the ice to the finish line, some people slowly run,… The film is an inspiring journey of steadfastness and personal endeavor beyond those of the same passion for running.


Chariots Of Fire

The film tells the story of two athletes, one of whom is Jewish, who strives to achieve high performance amid the anti-Semitic atmosphere rising in Europe. Although only using the anonymous cast, Chariots Of Fire still won the Academy Award for Best Film in the surprise of many people. The film is inspired by one of the outstanding stories in the old Bible.


Saint Ralph

The film focuses on Ralph Walker, a teenager who attends a Catholic school. His father was killed during World War II and his mother was hospitalized with unspecified illness. Ralph naturally tends to be naughty and often finds himself abandoned among classmates. He tried to imitate adults and was arrested for smoking and masturbating by Headmaster Fitzpatrick. Ralph has been labelled a troublemaker, forced to join the school’s Cross team to control him.


When Ralph’s mother fell into a coma, he said that there would be a miracle for her to survive. While racing against coach Hibbert, a former world-class marathoner who was forced to give up with a knee injury, vowed to be a miracle if one of his team members won the Boston Marathon. Ralph decided to do it because he hoped that strange magic would save his mother’s life.

Candace Hill athletics prodigy: American dream with new “wind god”

The two Nike and Adidas sportswear giants were in awe when letting ASICS complete the sponsorship contract for Candace Hill for up to 10 years.

The new girl celebrated her 17th birthday on February 11, becoming the youngest athlete to skip the tournaments of the American university system to move straight to professional competition. And Candace Hill promises to help track America to regain the world No.1 position in the aftermath of Marion Jones.

If at the speed track for men, the Usain Bolt or Yohan Blake over the years dominated the distance of 100 meters and 200 meters, then on the women’s run, the top Jamaican athletes like Shelly-Ann Fraser -Pryce or Veronica Campbell-Brown also confirmed Jamaican superiority at short distances. The latest American athlete to win against rival Jamaica is Carmelita Jeter at the 100-meter 2011 World Championships, and Allyson Felix at the 200-meter content at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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So Candace Hill’s appearance as a new wind for athletics America may believe in the future will shatter Jamaica’s dominance. She is attending Rockdale County High School in Conyers, Georgia, being the first athlete in history to run under 11 second sat 100 meters when she was 16, at the Brooks PR Invitational in June 2015.

Candace Hill’s 10-second 98 performance is even the best in the history of female athletes under 18. Although this record has not yet been officially recognized,because the world athletics has not previously thought that an athlete of this age can run so fast. And to the young world champion athletics tournament in August 2015 in Cali, Colombia, Candace Hill also won a 100 meter gold medal with 11 seconds 08 achievement and 200 meter content with 22’43’’ achievement. That number is on par with the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

candace hill

In 2015,Candace Hill received the award “Best Young Women Athlete in America”. And in American track and field history, only Queen Marion Jones did the same thing at the age of 16. Later Marion Jones won the 100-meter content world championship when she was preparing to age 18 in Athens in 1997.And now Candace Hill is heading towards the seniors’ records. But of course,there was no re-emergence of the doping scandal, so Marion Jones was stripped of five Olympic medals in the past.

Candace Hill’s 100-meter run in 10 seconds 98 is the best in the history of female athletes under 18. Candace Hill is also the youngest person to skip the tournaments of the American University system to move to professional competitions.