Three Hot Rounds Of The Most Attractive Female Athletes Of The World

In addition to a figure like a model, these long legs also possess outstanding talents.

Blair O’Neal is an American golfer, but without an outstanding sporting career, the beauty possesses charming beauty. In addition to playing golf, Blair also has a left handjob as a model. She often appears in hot pictures. To get a good shape, Blair always adheres to strict diets and exercise, limiting absorption of starches.

Another athlete also possesses the same beauty as Anastasia Ashley. Her physique is the result of a series of rigorous training days. In addition to the gym, the beauty also combines with subjects such as yoga and jogging to help the body supple. The perseverance of exercise in most days of the week helps the beauty maintain a balanced body. With her beauty, Anastasia Ashley was named the world’s hottest surfers.

Eugenie Bouchard is considered as one of the most beautiful players in the world today. Although the form is not as stable as before, but the young Canadian player is still a formidable opponent. Every day she often gets up at 8 o’clock and eats eggs for protein, combined with fruits and a glass of orange juice. Canadian athletes often go to the tennis court for 2 hours/day and continue practicing for another 2 hours before going to the gym.

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Allison Stokke is a very famous high-jumping American athlete. In addition to outstanding talent,she also has a beautiful face. The secret of beauty is to work hard and say no to carbonated drinks. Thanks to strict adherence to diet and exercise, Allison Stokke always keeps the body toned.

Alex Morgan is a famous name in the world of women’s football. She not only looks like a model,but is also the national player of the US team. She won the Olympic gold medal with the national team. 28 years old, Morgan is always on the list of the most admired female athletes. In order to have a healthy body in addition to exercise, the beauty is always aware of supplementing foods that are good for muscle growth.

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3 Sexy Female Athletes Of Olympic Rio 2016

Not only talented and energetic, the famous athletes in the world are also attracting the interest of the public because of the equally glamorous like stars of entertainment.

Jessica Ennis (UK) – Golden Rose of Athletics village

As one of the typical woman in 2015 was voted by The Guardian, the excellence female athletics athletes of Europe, Jessica Ennis continued to spend the interest when the Rio 2016 Olympic Games entered in Brazil. Born in 1986, Jessica was dubbed as the golden rose of Britain with the prize of winning the Championship Triathlon of 7 contents, women’s Athletics Olympic 2012.

Jessica Ennis

Comeback after the break time of child birth, Jessica immediately win the World Athletics Championship 2015 (Beijing). Not only was in top beauties of the sporty world, her name was in the list of athletes making most money world. Jessica Ennis is currently sponsoring a charity of caring children hospital.

Anastasia Ashley (USA) – Hot surfing athlete

Anastasia, who was born for the water. She knew how to swim when she was just 2 years old, and began surfing at age 6. Anastasia has ever achieved lots of outstanding achievements when taking more than 200 large and small events of windsurfing. And there will be no surprise if she added a bronze medal in the Rio supplement to her admirable list.

Anastasia Ashley

Most of the athletes are surfing are beautiful character, Ashley is no exception. In the age of U30, the female athlete has height 1,73m always is placed in the hot list of the American workers are seeking and be loved around the world.

Allison Stokke (USA) – Expensive Sport Female Model

Allison is a beautiful pole vaulter athlete of America. She is the symbol of sexy in the sports village. Sexy physique but extremely healthy and toned, plus the kind face, any movements of Allison all attract the attention of many camera lenses. Allison is really perfect in every moment, even the most painful time on the pitch. She is also known as a professional photos sports model.


Allison used to break the national record when she was still in a school bench. There are many reports that the Rio 2016 Olympics will be her last Olympics. Allison Stokke has just received the master degree from the University of California, Berkeley. This valuable degree may be turning open up new career paths for the beautiful female athletes.