What is athletics? Origin and history of athletics (Part 2)

Of course, the best hunter will run the fastest and catch many prey. Greek kings have proved that people in the highest position every 3 years they have to run the distance corresponding to that time period.

And the athletic sport was born, developed based on those wars of survival. The first Olympic Games took place in Greece around 2700 years ago. The athletes now participate with a running distance of about 200 miles. The winner is considered a healthy soul with a healthy body. The winner is worshiped like a god by the people.

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Endurance is a content of track and field. For a good way of running, you should train a good health before playing.

In the 1600s, the British on a long-distance trip to Rome marked the journey along the Kilometer. From there the Romans created races and found the winner. During that period of time after half of the 19th century jogging became an important sport.

The development of athletics

The concept “What is athletics?” has been answered. Next, we will learn about the development of this subject.

It is known that athletics was born between 1600 and 1849 at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich, England, where the athletics competition was held. Then in 1850 at Exeter University, Oxford organized a series of regular athletics competitions for university students. Just like that, the track and field model became widely available and organized in many countries.

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By 1880 in England had formed the amateur track and field association with many great awards. Prominent is the AAA Championship. Since then the United States also holds many national athletics competitions every year. By 1896, athletics was included in the important Olympic Games every four years.

The International governing body and the Olympic Games and the athletics federation were established in 1912. The federation then changed its name in 2001 and repeatedly organized competitions with great rewards, ending the period. amateur before.

 After reading the article, you know that athletics has a long history and the meaning of this sport is extremely meaningful. Wish you always happy!