American athlete Usain Bolt officially becomes a player

The legendary athlete of the world track and field Usain Bolt has just caught the curiosity of sports fans when he revealed that he has signed a football club.

According to USA Today, the athlete who was dubbed the “fastest man in the world” revealed that he had just signed a contract with a professional football club on his Twitter account, in the video posted on his Twitter account on February 25 last year. Bolt has boasted that he has signed a contract with a football club, but Usain Bolt made a statement that made fans wait until on February 27, he would reveal the name of the team that he joined.


Earlier, after breaking up the speed race last year, Bolt repeatedly asserted that he was serious about pursuing a career as a professional footballer and a trial at Dortmund club. Recently, the 32-year-old legend of the world track and field also said that he would go to Germany to train with Borussia Dortmund from March. But, in his heart, Bolt (who holds the world record running 100 m and 200 m) seemed more interested in joining Manchester United because he was an ardent supporter of the Manchester team.

According to USA Today, there are not many clues about the team that decided to try their luck with the character who owns up to 8 Olympic gold medals and also has no experience in playing professional football. The only clue may be the Puma-sponsored teams because this is a long-term brand with the famous Jamaican athletes. This inadvertently eliminates the possibility that teams are sponsored by Nike or Adidas.


Dortmund Club is the team that creates conditions for Bolt to train in the near future, which is the club using Puma’s outfit. However, Bolt can also come to England because in the Premier League currently there are 4 clubs branded on sponsorship including Burnley, Huddersfield Town, Leicester City and … Arsenal.

America’s track and field legend passed away

After a period of treatment at the Georgia state nursing home, the legendary athlete Alice Coachman Davis died at the age of 90 after suffering from a blood-stopping stroke.

Athlete Alice Coachman Davis once won a gold medal in the high jump competition at the Olympic Games 1948 held in London with a record of 1,68m (5.51 feet) in the United States.

As a student at Tuskegee University, Mrs. Davis was also quite famous when she joined the basketball team and helped the team win three honorable awards. During a professional career, over 25 seasons of the American track and field championship, she won 10 consecutive championships at the high jump competition, from 1939 and 1948.


Born and raised in the remote parts of the South America during a racist period, Ms. Davis had to go through many challenges. She loves sports and seems to have a gifted talent in high dance, gaining outstanding achievements since she was 16 years old. But due to her skin color and African bloodline, she was prohibited from using public sports training equipment. However, all the shortcomings and difficulties are subdued by her passion.

As a result, Davis became the only US female athlete to win a Gold Medal in the 1948 Olympics, and was honored to have an escort luxury car for 175 miles to Georgia after returning from London. But at the time of the official award ceremony in Albany, NewYork, racism was revealed, suddenly white people separated. Standing between the two lines, Davis felt proud that he had shown the white people what she had done.


Speaking on a television program, Davis said: “My father did not want to let me study at Tuskegee University, he was afraid I was in danger because at that time,American-African life was very different. But in the moment that marked my life, I turned around and held it high so that he could see the medal that I tried to achieve. I understand, at that time, my parents were very proud of me”.

Recalling his victory, inan interview in 2004, Davis said, she could have won more medals in the Olympics, but for reasons of World War II, the Olympic Games 1940 or 1944 was not organized. “I think, from 1944, I was able to win, but you see, the final glory is mine, only 4 years later. It is really a great feeling when the national flag is high and the song of the National Anthem is sung”.


After winning in London at the age of 25, Davis decided to join his career and become a teacher, a high-level dance instructor.