The London Marathon is still bravely organized in the heart of the COVID-19

The Bath Half Marathon 2020, a 39-year-old running marathon like the London Marathon, is still decided to host today (March 15, 2020) even though the UK is in the middle of a corona virus pandemic (COVID-19).

Bath Half Marathon 2020 is being run by the community not only in the UK but also in many parts of the world called the “Bravest Run in the World” when it still decided to organize this weekend. According to the schedule, the tournament starts at 11 local time on Sunday, March 15, 2020.

Thousands of athletes have been announced to be taking place despite the severe outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK. As of March 14, 2020, 1140 people in the UK have been infected, 21 have died and 37,746 have been tested for COVID-19.

The COVID-19 epidemic was so severe that the London Marathon, one of the six largest running events in the world, scheduled for April 26, 2020, would also have to be postponed until October 4, 2020. In the latest announcement to the athletes, the organizers of the Bath Half Marathon 2020 wrote:

“We continue to closely monitor the progress of the COVID-19 epidemic and consult local health department experts at 20 o’clock yesterday and receive confirmation that there is no indication of an incident. suing as many as ours must be banned.

Now it’s too late to cancel the event because the running track has been prepared, the athletes have also arrived in the city, everything will still be normal … ”

The account, Belen Garcia Vicente, wrote on the tournament’s Facebook page: “It’s ridiculous that you said you would protect the participants… when the local hospital where the charity fundraising from the run was withdrawn from, and Especially, the number of coronavirus infections is still increasing rapidly. Harder to hear is that the speakers have consulted local health experts? There are still people who have been to the tournament now, but surely only small groups will travel and will reduce the risk of infection. As a healthcare professional, I have an obligation to care about this and I will not be there. I will see how you are responsible when something goes wrong. It is only for the money. “

COVID-19 has really dealt the pain and all the jobs in the world. Major sports events such as the Premier League, Champions League, big tennis tournaments, Formula 1 racing races, prestigious running events such as London Marathon or Boston Marathon (USA) have all had to change schedules.

Bath Half Marathon was born in 1981, exactly the year London Marathon appeared, is a major charity fundraising race in southwest England. The 2016 tournament raised £ 2.2 million, while last year about £ 2 million was raised.