The 70-year-old American athlete died after being suspected of cheating to set a record

Frank Meza’s body was found on the river on July 4, shortly after he was cancelled from running for suspected fraud at the Los Angeles Marathon.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the Frank Meza body was discovered in shallow water on the Los Angeles River, Cypress Park area, around July 4 at 10 am. Authorities have not disclosed the cause of death, but they exclude the possibility that the 70-year-old runner drowned.

Meza is arguing with the achievement of running a marathon (42,195 km) in 2 hours 53 minutes 10 seconds at the Los Angeles Marathon in March. If the result is recognized, the 70-year-old doctor will set a record of the 70-74 age group. However, the organizers cancelled Meza’s results due to suspected fraud.


The results of a survey, based on video footage and security cameras of many shops along the way, show that Mr.Meza sometimes disappeared from the track and appeared in another location. Meza dismissed the suspicion, saying that he left the track to find the toilet and later found it. The doctor also plans to join the Los Angeles Marathon 2020, running with his supervisor to prove he is fraudulent and can complete a marathon under 3 hours.

After Meza’s death, his wife, Tina, told The Daily Beast that her husband felt shattered by allegations of fraud. “Jogging is very important for my husband. He has been running marathons for 30 or 40 years. Meza is very fast and sad when he can’t run a marathon anymore”, Tina said.

According to Tina, on the morning of July 4, Meza told her that he went out for a run. “I said ‘it will be good for you”, and he said: “See you later”. About 10 o’clock, the lifeguard found Meza in the river. “That’s all we know “, his wife. Meza said.


Before the scandal in March, Meza was known to be an active member of the community, providing low-cost medical services, advising Latin students and being an assistant athlete at a college preparatory school Los Angeles Loyola High. The school presenter said Meza had quit her job in June for health reasons.

“The past few weeks have been quite a difficult time. He’s a great friend, a positive spirit with many people in the jogging community and more than that for decades. This is a big loss”, Rich Gonzalez writes on Twitter after learning the news of Meza’s death. “There are many things that happened regarding him. We will cherish great memories with a great person”.