Tyra Banks and the demise of the top model show (Part 2)

After many ups and downs, Tyra is still attached to the catwalk and rose to become a fashion icon next to the veteran names. She is also honored to be in the ranks of the first generation of angels at Victoria’s Secret.

However, at the peak of time, Tyra suddenly announced her retirement from the catwalk. Instead, she turned to producing and hosting a model show called America’s Next Top Model.

In 2003, ANTM was just a small game show, but a year later, the program reached out of America and became the Next Top Model empire. Not only causing fever in its place of birth, Next Top Model is licensed and produced by more than 40 countries and regions.

Tyra Banks gives TV viewers a program that simulates the career process of a professional model from photography, catwalk to acting.

As a game show founded by a cult top model, along with the bloody face judges in the fashion industry, ANTM has become the dream of many young girls. The program has become one of the top-rated game shows in the country.

Not only evoking the glamorous and beautiful features of the model village, ANTM also opens hidden corners, the process of working is extremely stressful. In addition, the conflict between the contestants with strong personalities when staying in the same house has also become “specialty”, the familiar spiritual dish of the audience.

The above things have made Next Top Model become a known reality TV show on a global scale. The audience always watches each episode of the show. Many people from the “want to know about modeling”, gradually they “understand and are inspired to pursue a flashy but tough path”.

24 seasons, along with the fashion star judges in New York such as model training expert Miss J, photographer Nigel Barker, creative director Jay Manuel further enhances the value of show and contestants step out of the competition.